Learning Links

Oh!  The places you can go…
San Francisco Exploratorium – the museum of Science, Art and Human perception.
Planet Quest Alien Safari – the search for another Earth, and the spot to explore unique things about this Earth!
TimeSeach History – Search through History in timelines
Storyline Online – follow along with famous celebrities as they read your favorite children’s books
Art Museums (powered by Google)

Be word smart! – Literacy Links
ABCYa Educational Games – Kindergarten to Grade 5 games for practicing your skills
Puzzle Me Words – Kindergarten and Grade 1 letter and word recognition
Practicing Literacy Conventions
Leo Loves to Spell – (first letter sounds)
Reggie Loves to Rhyme – Identifying rhyming words
Nina Loves to Name Things – matching objects to places

Get Creative!
Crayola Digi-Color – Creativity at your fingerprints.
This is Sand – Taking sand to a new level.
PicassoHead – Follow in the footsteps of this great artist.
Lego Builder’s Island – Use Lego into the virtual world.