Jump Rope for Heart 2017

Jump Rope for Heart Comes to Valleyview

Valleyview is starting to fundraise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation by participating in the Jump Rope for Heart event April 21-May 19. Students of all ages are invited to participate. Simply register online at www.jumpropeforheart.ca and join the Valleyview fundraising page so we can keep track of Valleyview’s efforts. Valleyview has a goal to raise $1500 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Participating in this event will raise funds for children and adults who were born with heart defects. Please visit the Jump Rope for Heart website and click on either “Parents’ Portal” or “Kids’ Stuff” to learn more.

Friday, April 21, Valleyview held an assembly to teach kids what the Jump Rope for Heart event is all about, why it is important to participate and how they can help people with heart defects all across Canada.

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